One of my favorite summer knit dresses I made this year (knock off pattern)

I’m Anna, and love creativity – creativity in all the different forms it comes in. Sewing has been my main creative outlet in the last years, and I love how it unites quite a few other creative expressions like different methods of textile printing, embroidery, silk screen printing and fabric pattern design.
I learned sewing at school, and every now and then would make a garment or two. Some I liked, some ended up in a sad corner never to be worn. Looking back I now know that when the latter happened, it was because I had used the wrong kind of fabric, like a fairly stiff quilting cotton for a wrap-blouse, which of course never quite looked like I wanted it to. I really did my best to like and wear it, but that blouse and I – well, we just never hit it off… Or I simply had gotten the calculations wrong from the original measurements, getting an absurdly high waist on a pair of pants. But then there were also some garments I really liked and was proud of.

Beutel Kord gelb1
One of the many reversible bags inspired by the free pattern from http://verypurpleperson.com/

Some years ago I stumbled upon a reversible bag pattern, which started me off to sewing all kinds of bags and pouches. Since I so enjoy things being unique, I soon started silk screen printing to give each fabric I used an individual touch. Silk screen printing is utterly fascinating to me, allowing the most intricate drawings from my sketchbooks to  just suddenly end up on fabric!

Getting back into drawing for surface design

But there is only so much room for bags and pouches, so I dove back into making garments, also starting to make my own patterns. By now, a good share of my wardrobe is made by me – a very rewarding feeling. My husband’s wardrobe has also started expanding while I keep learning more and more about different techniques of sewing.
Along the way I also discovered the joys of working with knits. I had been hesitant about it, but then a friend borrowed me her serger, and despite it looking quite intimidating, I actually worked it out quite quickly, and was enthused by the velocity to complete a very nice and professional looking garment.

My latest creative passion tied to sewing is fabric pattern design. This is something my husband Frank and I work on together – him being the pro with Illustrator and Photoshop, which comes along with being a graphic designer. I love these hours we spend together talking about colors, shapes, and possible solutions for some aesthetic or technical problems.

Grilled chicken and Asparagus with the edible flower from watercress: spicy and delicious

Oh, before I forget, I love to cook and enjoy food and the creative process of making it, and even though this is not strictly related to sewing, some of my blog entries might be about a delicious meal, or just sharing a yummie recipe.

Thanks for stoping by! I hope you’ll enjoy everything around sewing.

Update Jan 18th 2016:
In the 4 month since my first blog entry on September 18th 2015 (it actually really is a coincidence that I add this

New experiments: body care products

update today, Jan 18th…), my initial focus on sewing, textile design and every now and then some delicious food, has expanded to further diy projects like mod podge coasters and homemade body butter and whatever else will come. Thus “sew anna f”, if purely read for “sewing” definitely does not work any more, but everything I share here is “so”me, that for the time being I hope it works for the expanded blog version as well.

So if you have come to this blog because you care for some of the diy strands I started to add: Welcome, I am very glad you found my blog!

Yay, our label is out there now!

And thank you to those of you who have visited my blog so far, every visit means something to me, about knowing of others who are likeminded, and of having been able to share.

Update Nov 16th 2916:
My husband and I just launched our label 339 and are super excited about it! Check it out at http://www.339.design or on Instagram: 339.design.


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  1. Hallo Anna. Du hast ja ein riesen Portfolio an schönen Dingen, die Du machst. Finde ich toll. Man sieht, da steckt eine ganze Menge Arbeit drin. Gute Fotos und Texte. Wow! Ich wünsche Dir, dass Du die Dinge weiter so umsetzen kannst, wie Du es Dir vorstellst. Liebe Grüße, Arnim


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