Silky soft grapefruit body butter recipe

Somehow winter time for me brings some turning inward, cuddling up, taking care of myself, and with it I discovered diy skin and body care this winter. There is something so precious and caringly luxurious to making your own skin care products. There are wonderful recipes and tutorials out there, of which I have collected quite a few on different pinterest pin boards. I keep adding on to my collection of recipes and general information since I quite badly caught the virus of diy skin care. Actually the virus did not even stop there, but went on to spreading to household cleaning supplies, toothpaste and deodorant So be aware: looking into one body butter recipe migh possibly lead to way, way more…. But should I contribute to this virus spreading, I’d be super happy.


I used to never regularly put on lotion, because somehow the lotions I had did not seem to really nourish my skin. But now my skin gets treated every day, and it is such a joy to me, has become my little morning ritual, loving the scent of fresh grapefruit and the slightly earthy touch of francinsence mixed with a nutty touch from the shea butter. And the best part is, my skin loves it and looks radiant and nourished! Cannot wait for summer to show it off.

It is wonderful using existing recipes and having the possibility to alter them according to what feels best for your skin. Everyone really is quite unique and it is so rewarding to make something that really matches you and what your skin needs. I am only at the beginning of learning about essential oils, carrier oils and butters, but it definitely is exciting to learn about all the different benefits. I am not yet at a place to have gathered enough knowledge to offer it in my own words here, but if you are curious to learn more, I have started to collect some educational material on this topic here.


I based my body butter recipe on Mama Dweebs site, and made some alterations. I also liked the instructions on Hens and Honey and A Cultivated Nest. The great thing about this body butter recipe is also that you can actually get all the ingredients in your local health food store.

Body Butter recipe – for a 4oz container (and a little extra)

  • 2 Tbsp shea butter (raw, unrefined)
  • 1 Tbsp coconut oil (raw, unrefined)
  • 1/2 Tbsp calendula oil
  • 1/2 Tbsp almond oil
  • 2 drops non GMO vitamin e oil
  • 15 drops grapefruit essential oil (wonderfully refreshing scent)
  • 4 drops francincense essential oil (great for skin repair and rejuvenation)
    (instead of these essential oils you could also use: 7 drops lemongrass, 2 drops ylang ylang and 3 drops lavender)

Before starting sterilize all the utensils and the container you will use for 10 minutes in boiling water or run through sterilizing program in your dishwasher.
Melt the butters in a double boiler or pyrex glass jar in water bath; once melted add the liquid oils and stir.
There are different methods for how to proceed from here, for me the following worked best so far: put in freezer for 15-20 minutes till it starts getting milky and a little firmer, but is still liquid (but check in between to make sure it does not harden too much).Then whip it with hand mixer on medium speed till it gets white and a little foamy. Put it back in the freezer for about 5 minutes in order for it to set more, then whip on slow for 5-10 minutes till it is like thick pudding, but still has a consistency that you can pour into the container.

Just watch not to over whip the body butter, then it can get a bit too hard. It will be still good to use, but I like it better, when somewhat softer. I did not look extensively, but on the blogs I read no one wrote about getting the butter too “hard”, so maybe it is just me – but in case it happens to you, at least you know there is one more person out there to whom it happened too…

You won’t need much of this body butter, in fact, when you start using it, maybe begin with what might look too little. You might be surprised how far a little of this goes.

Now as for shelf life of this butter: according to what I have read so far the fact that this body butter only contains butters and oils and no water, the chances for growing bacteria is not so high. But by dipping into the jar with our fingers, we do introduce bacteria each time, so if you want to be on the safer side, probably storing it in the fridge or using a clean spatula or spoon to take the body butter out of the jar will help.
The good thing about having made a small batch and using it frequently is that the chances for it lasting long enough to grow bacteria actually are not high at all. I myself would be comfortable using it for 3-4 months or even a bit longer, especially in the winter, but this is just my sense of things. The information I have found so far diverges between people saying to use it up fairly quickly to being ok with using it for up to a year.

Hope you got inspired – enjoy!




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