Minoru Jacket – Pattern Review

All right, it is officially fall now with those gorgeously colored autumn trees and crisp air! So what better time to write a review about a wonderful sewing pattern for a hooded jacket by Sewaholic: Minoru. There is a super great and detailed sew along for this jacket, which I really loved and definitely recommend to anyone sewing this jacket.

Minoru jacket

Choice of fabric: I love big patterns, so my fabric choice ended up being a  medium to heavyweight cotton canvas fabric from Ikea which I had in my stack for quite a while, and the lining is a mustard colored quilting weight cotton. If I would sew the jacket again, I would probably use a cotton flannel or some thinner wool fabric for the lining to make the jacket a bit warmer. The thing with fabrics from the precious stacks at home is that the amount of fabric is not always exactly what you need, so my jacket here is a bit shorter than the original length in the pattern, but luckily it turned out still long enough.


I added pockets to the pattern, because somehow a jacket without pockets just does not quite work for me… Luckily someone else already had that same idea before me and made a great tutorial for adding side seam pockets, thanks!


Size: Choosing the right size from a pattern I often find a bit tricky, and since I usually am too lazy to make a muslin to make sure, I very much like pattern reviews, and reading about peoples experiences about sizing. In case you have similar issues, here is my sizing experience. In order to give you the clearest picture possible, my sizes are about 28″ waist, 34″ bust and 38″ hip. Going by these numbers the pattern suggested to use size 6, but I chose to go for size 4, because I like things to be more on the snug side. I am happy with this choice, except for the sleeves, especially in the upper part. I ended up reducing the seam allowance when attaching the sleeve to the back and front, and thus getting the sleeves a bit wider, but for the next time, I would make the sleeves in the upper part a size 6 and just fit it in with size 4 for the rest of the jacket.

pattern Sewing the jacket does take some time, but it is definitely worth while! I highly recommend this pattern, also because the sew along provides such great instructions. The gathering created by the inserted elastic waist band and the additional gathering just below the collar gives the jacket a nice feminine touch.


Anything that I would change? Really only adding pockets and for the hood I would probably insert a cord to be able to fasten it, since for me it does not really stay in place so well. And I might also make the pattern below the waist line a little more narrow or straighter and not quite as curved.


The overall experience of sewing this jacket was fun and very rewarding, except for a final rather catastrophic experience when trying to get the jacket rainproof by using Otter wax. I followed all the instructions, and had it hanging in the garage to cure for weeks, but I really did not like the smell, and also it stayed a bit sticky to the touch, which I did not like. Even though I really would have loved the jacket to be rain repellent, this method did not work for me, so I ended up washing the wax out again…. Not fun, and rather messy. But if anyone has made better experiences with waxing fabric, please let me know, I so would love to find a way to do it better!

I just love the soft feel of this picture

4 thoughts on “Minoru Jacket – Pattern Review

    1. Thanks! The pattern really is pattern great and the fabric was in my stash for quite some time, and I had just enough of it left: good old IKEA fabric 🙂 Don’t know if I’ll ever try the waxing again…

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