Belly warming mashed potato recipe – and a revelation of sorts

I love using a mortar for spices! The fresh taste is just unbeatable…

Sewing and being creative makes hungry – at least me, and at least three times a day… And then there is the joy that comes with good food, and the satisfaction of making something simple and delicious. So today I want to share a delicious recipe for mashed potatoes. While the potatoes were cooking, I looked into my spice drawer in the mood for something new and ended up picking fennel seeds, anise seeds , coriander seeds, all spice and cloves. This made for some very special mashed potatoes. We had it with aidell’s turkey sausage “roasted garlic and gruyere cheese” and some steamed broccoli. The earthy, autum-like, warm, slightly spicy and somewhat sweet taste of those mashed potatoes in combination with the hearty sausages lead to empty plates in record time… But I could also imagine that these mashed potatoes would be very good with turkey – just in time for the upcoming Thanksgiving season.

When baking I am pretty precise in keeping with given measurements, but when cooking I often just decide how much to take of each ingredient more or less by a gut feeling. So unfortunately my recipe here will be not very precise, but will be an invitation for you to follow your spice instincts and your knowledge of just how buttery and creamy you like your mashed potatoes. The amount of potatoes I used is enough for 2 people with still a little leftovers.

I have seen better food photography, and sausages are not the most gracious and pretty photo models – but here we go nevertheless…

Autum mashed potatos with spices
3 medium sized russet potatoes
some heavy whipping cream
some butter
coriander seeds
fennel seeds
anise seeds
1 all spice (about the size of a bigger pepper corn)
2 cloves
salt & pepper

Wash the potatoes, and cut into medium sized pieces. Cook  in salted water until soft, pour out most of the water, but leave a little in for moisture, add butter, heavy whipping cream (or milk, whatever you like), the freshly ground spices, salt and pepper and mash all of it. That’s it! Easy…

If you are not already a fan of mortars in the kitchen, I highly recommend one. The taste of the spices when freshly ground is just sooo much better! And if I were to buy one now, I would get a bigger one, since sometimes those spices have quite an athletic mind of their own, jumping all over the kitchen instead of quietly surrendering to being ground by the pestle.

Rustic and simple linocut napkins

And now my revelation of sorts: you might have guessed from my writing that I am not a native speaker, but now that I post a picture with sausages and potatoes – oh well, it does become obvious: I am originally from Germany. BUT I don’t only eat sausages, potatoes and sauerkraut, I also love the mediterranean kitchen and so much more! Plus the German and Austrian kitchen actually does hold so many more goodies than just sausages and potatoes. Guess I’ll have to prove it by one day posting some other recipes.

Guten Appetit!

I have not yet decided on my next post, but maybe it will be a tutorial for those fun napkins: super fast and easy to make with either linocut, like I did here, or with potato prints (yes, again potatoes…).


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